Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hi I'm M. And my thoughts are fleeting. Kind of like how the past few months had passed by. So my apologies if I start to sound like I'm spewing an amalgamation of incoherent sentences. I am now a recovering band-a-holic, with my eardrums and throat on the mend. I'm struggling with the longest bout of insomnia that I've ever had. Being caught between a constant state of sleep and waking up has taken it's toll. It's been way too long since anything creative came out of my head.  A steady trickle of hours and anything interesting seems to have gone by unnoticed. But I guess I just have to wait this out, take my time and open myself to all the distractions Earth 5 has to offer. Perhaps mundane is what I need now. So if you need anything, I'll probably be holed up in my room, doing Gunpla. Please disturb me.